Thursday, 1 May 2014

Spring Lipsticks // High-End and Drugstore Dupes!!

This is sort of an ironic post. Actually, I don't know if ironic is the right word for it, but it evolved into a sort of double post. I was going through my lipstick collection and decided I wanted to do a spring lip post. But then as I was swatching I realized a lot of them were almost identical. And, to boot, they were dupes of high end lipsticks! So basically it's a spring lip collection, with their drugstore dupes! I know some of these colours are a bit darker/ brighter than what's on trend. But, they are what I've been loving and I think pastel and nudes asides, these are classics.

Drugstore Dupes
Top Row (Left to Right): Maybelline Colour Sensational Vivids in Hot Plum, Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in In Vogue, Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Moisturizing Lipstick in NeoClassical Coral, and Maybelline Colour Sensational in Coral Crush.
Bottom Row: Bite Duo Luminous Creme Lipstick in Violet and Palomino

The thing that I love most about spring is colourful lips. I have been leaning towards more colourful eye looks, but deep down I'm a lipstick girl at heart. I've been loving pairing these lipsticks with winged eyeliner. And as a side note, I found my Holy Grail eyeliner and I am going to do a post very soon. But get excited because this baby is going to blow you away.

Drugstore Dupes
Top Set (from top to bottom): In Vogue & Palomino
Second Set: Hot Plum & Violet
Third Set: Coral Crush & NeoClassical Coral

Bite Duo Lipstick

In the above comparison we have Violet from the Bite lipstick on top and Hot Plum from Maybelline on the bottom. The only difference here is that the Bite one is more moisturizing and creamy. Whereas the Hot Plum is more of a matte, not drying but definitely not as shiny as the more expensive one. The Bite Duo Lipstick retails for $15 at Sephora, and the Maybelline Colour Sensational retails for $5.59

Rimmel In Vogue

The colours in this picture looks a bit off but you can see in the swatches that they are almost identical. On the top we have In Vogue and on the bottom we have Palomino. Once again, the only difference is that the In Vogue is a bit more of a matte shade, and Palomino is more creamy. The Bite lipstick comes with both the Violet and Palomino and again is $15, and the Rimmel is only $4.99!

Elizabeth Arden NeoClassical Coral

This is by far the closest dupe out of all three. The consistency and colour are nearly identical. Which is great for you, but sucks for me. Why you might ask? Well Elizabeth Arden is super expensive in Canada and the NeoClassical coral (top) costs $30 and the Coral Crush, $5.59. On my recent trip to Florida I did stop in the Elizabeth Arden outlet store and found the same colour for like $12 but in cheaper packaging. So for all you Americans there is hope if you'd prefer the high end option with a better price tag. I do love Elizabeth Arden lipstick, they last so long and you can really notice the quality difference (my chapped lips and terrible photo taking skills do not do it justice).

So there you have it my beautiful readers! Some amazing spring lipstick options! What are your favourite colours for spring? Do you have any of these colours? Let me know!!!



  1. These look lovely! I think a nice red/coral is such a nice look for the warmer months :)

    Jasmin Charlotte

    1. I completely agree! And the good thing is that you can totally do a more sheer look and add some gloss to the colours you already have to make it more appropriate for spring!


  2. Great information dear. Thank you for posting it :-)