Thursday, 14 August 2014

Back to School Wish List | Pt. 1

So I was on my blog with my cousin the other day and she pointed out that I haven't done a wish list post in quite awhile, and the majority of things on my wish lists were super expensive never-gonna-happen things. So with school just around the corner ew I thought I could do  Back to School Wishlist! Now of course these items aren't necessarily necessary (see what I did there) for school, but if I'm to put up with long classes and essays I want some items that will bring some joy into my life!!! So without further delay I give you part 1 of my BTS wish list!

From Left to Right:
I have extremely dry skin and the second anyone whispers the word Winter or Fall my skin automatically dries up. Plus I am not perfect (whoops, sorry to spoil that allusion) and during school sometimes I tend to neglect my skin so I feel like this mask would really work wonders for me!

I have been eyeing this baby for quite some time now, but the only store that sells it is around an hour away from me. And every time I go there I get stuck in blizzards and/ or torrential downpours, so honestly it has to be really worth risking my life. Which obviously this palette is worthy of. I know one of my favourite beauty YouTubers Casey Holmes has been raving about this beauty so I'd love to have it and try some different looks for back to school!

So... This is super duper random, but if you follow me on instagram (which you totally should my button is right over there see, to the right to the right) then you probably know by now that I am finally getting a beautiful Jetta for back to school, well, not FOR back to school but I need it to travel to my co-op this year. Anyways, I think this cover for the key is so adorable! It's only like $3 but I've been too lazy to buy it yet.

Okay, honestly I don't even know why I want this. Because I never ever contour my face. Infact the entire bottom row of bronzers/ contours are probably a bajillion times too dark for my skin colour. But, it looks so pretty and everyone whose anyone has one and I just want that damn Banana colour ok!? Jeeze!

Obviously not a 100% authentic replica, but it's pretty close! And I really need a new back to school bag, but I don't want to spend $100 or more on a real leather replica bag. I think this is a very classy bag that will be great for carrying my Mac to class, as well as for when I am actually in the classroom teaching!!

This is definitely one of those items on my wish list that I know I will give into. I actually really need a good set of brushes. My Sonia Kashuk ones have been really good and for $30 I am so impressed, but the handles are starting to chip and the quality isn't great/ up to par with the makeup products that I own. I am so surprised by how inexpensive these Zoeva brushes are and shipping to Canada is really cheap! I was going to order some Sigma brushes for my birthday in October but then they jacked up the prices and I thought no way Jose!!! I will not spend that much money on makeup brushes when there are obviously other options!!

In part 2 I will actually include some products that have a bit more to do with the actual school part of going back to school, as well as some cute fall clothes! What are some things you've been eyeing for back to school/ fall?! Let me know in the comments so I can swoon over them and possibly add them to my list ;)


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  1. Ohh great list - I finally got round to doing a wishlist myself recently! I really want the Lorac Pro 2 as well - such a gorgeous palette x

    Jasmin Charlotte

    1. Thanks! It's so gorgeous, I think I like it better than the first one!

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