Sunday, 13 July 2014

Cover Girl CGSmoothers | A Review for my Fellow Pale Skinned Girls

Covergirl Smoothers
 This is something I never thought I would get the honour of doing!! I have officially found a drugstore foundation that is perfect for my skin!!! I know this may seem boring and typical for most people, but if you have super pale skin with a red/pink undertone than you will know my dilemma! I know my friends always walk over to the foundations and have a bountiful amount of options. But not me. In fact up until now, not a single drugstore foundation matched my skin perfectly. Sure there were options, but all of them were either far too dark, or yellow!

Alas we have the new Covergirl CGSmoothers Hydrating Makeup! Not only is this shade made for us pale ladies with a more pink undertone (which is more evident in person, not the photo below) but it isn't drying or matte! I have dry skin that is prone to the odd pimple so anything matte just doesn't do it. But this foundation is hydrating enough that it doesn't stick to my dry spots. Its about a light to medium coverage foundation, so it will cover up Ralph who lives just smack dap centre of your forehead (oh, you don't name your pimples.. hm, weird) but still lets your skin breathe!! And the fact that I can have all of this for under $10, uh yes, sign me up!!!

Covergirl Smoothers Ivory


-ps: if you, like me, are super pale, do you enjoy posts like this? Because I know I am always scouring the beauty blogging community for posts geared towards us pale folk! So if you wouldn't mind commenting below so I can identify you as a fellow "ghost" maybe we can have a little chat???


  1. glad to know this worked for you! unfortunately it didn't work for me at all (i am latino so i am a bit tanner). Super lovely blog though!! Will be keeping up :)


  2. great post ,really like it:)
    keep in touch xoxo

  3. I was obsessed with these last summer! I should dig out my old one, they really are pretty amazing.
    Great post!
    Today's Beauty Obsession

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