Monday, 14 July 2014

Summer Lip Gloss Lovin'

Summer Lip Gloss

As our beloved Ingrid aka MissGlamorazzi said in her last video, we are smack dab in the middle of summer. Summer is one of my favourite seasons, followed by fall, winter and spring (this normally changes depending on which season we're in). Matte's are amazing for fall and winter, and I am definitely looking forward to breaking out my dark purples and reds, but until then, I am loving lip gloss this summer. I feel like lip glosses are so much less fuss than lipstick, no lip liner needed, you don't have to worry about it being even etc... Most times I don't even need a mirror, just add a quick coat & smack your lips together! Depending on what kind of look I'm going for, these 3 lip glosses are my favourites for summer.

We have Revlon's Colourburst lipgloss in Bellini (which admittedly I do like more with a nude lipstick as a base) which is pretty sheer and goes amazing with any nude lipstick. And let's just talk about the packaging, is it just me or could this baby pass off as a NARS lipgloss? It's freaking stunning! Next up is Tanya Burr's lipgloss in Picnic in the Park! I mean, I don't even know what to say about this one. Perfection, perfection & perfection. Lasting power? Check. Amazing colour payoff? Check. Smells like heaven in a strawberry field? Check. Cute name? Check. Cute packaging? Check. Fellow beauty blogger knows how to get shit done. And lastly, Elizabeth Arden's lipgloss in Passion Fruit. This is the most opaque lipgloss out of the three and is most like a lipstick. It's a bit sticky, but not enough to turn me off. I do however suggest using a very light coat and then blending with your finger, because this a very bright and thick gloss that can get messy if you don't know how to show it whose boss!

Revlon Bellini Tanya Burr Picnic in the Park Elizabeth Arden Passion Fruit
Top to Bottom: Bellini, Picnic in the Park, & Passion Fruit

What lip glosses and/or lip products have you been loving this summer??



  1. Yes we are in the middle of summer...I tend to stay away from too much makeup in the summer. I don't like stickiness and heat together. Maybe more of a matte lipstick is what I like to go for sometimes.
    Bright and Shiny

  2. I love Revlon's Bellini lip gloss, it's one of my favorite ones! The packaging really is great on those Colorburst lip glosses isn't it ;) Passion Fruit also looks beautiful <3

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