Thursday, 24 April 2014

Pamper Night / Face Mask!

KIT Peel Off Face Mask

I have a pretty busy weekend ahead of me so I thought I should take tonight to relax and have some time to myself. My lovely fellow blogger Ellie Ferrer told me that Rexall / Pharmaplus (sorry non-Canadian readers) sold The Balm products so I thought I would venture over and see for myself. Plus who can pass up a drugstore visit?? I only purchased a few things, and this was one of them. The KIT (which is Rexall's own brand I believe???) Peel Off Mask in Pomegranate. This one is designed to target blemishes as pomegranate works as a natural astringent, and I have a few little buggers on chin (such a random place!). You simply wash your face, apply the mask (this one comes with a ton of product so you can have a really thick layer), let it dry for 20-25 minutes, and obviously the best part, peel it off. As I said I purchased this at my local Rexall for $1.99 and at the very least it made my skin super smooth. I will post a follow up tweet if it helps to rid my face of the blemishes.

I also bought the new Cosmo, some reduced Cadbury Creme Eggs (yumm!) and a blue mascara that I'm really excited to try out! Tomorrow I'm off to Toronto for some good old fashion WWE! What are your plans for the weekend? How do you "pamper" yourself? 


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  1. Every sunday I always commit to pamper myself with a hair masque, face mask and a bubble bath. It's so relaxing and I feel deep cleaned after.