Saturday, 12 April 2014

Spring Wish List!

Well spring has sprung! How cliche of me. But really, it's been a really cold and long Canadian winter. So naturally, once the weather reached the positives (or low twenties for you Americans) my mind wandered into spring mode. If you haven't heard yet, pastels are the colour/ trend of the season. I've always loved pastels because I believe yo can be as wild or as subtle with them as you want. 

You can do a single accessory or clothing item, or play it up and do multiple pieces. 
Has anyone else been on the hunt for cute spring boots like this?? I can't seem to find anything similar to these anywhere and they're all sold out on their website. Any ideas or suggestions for something similar would be appreciated.

Bags, bags, bags. I love a good spring bag. These are both knockoffs of two Celine bags. I have such expensive taste but poor budget. So I scoured the internet and found these amazing replicas. Now I know some people are uber against "knockoffs" but I never try selling it as something that it's not. I have purchased from these sellers before and they are high quality bags! I will list below all products and where you can buy them! So that's what I've been loving/ lusting over this spring! What have you been eyeing??

From Top left Over and Down.
1. Boots from Wallis
2. Pink Celine Bag
3. Urban Decay Electric Palatte
4. Revlon Nail Polish in Charming
5. Bauble Bar Necklace
6. Bloom Candle from Bath and Body Works
7. Mint Skirt from H&M
8. Celine Bag


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