Thursday, 19 June 2014

Non-Beauty Favourites | June

Oh yes, that's right, we're doing some non-beauty favourites for June and it ain't even over yet. This is my show and we run things a bit differently 'round here. Ok all non-sense aside, June has been a pretty spectacular month. Warm weather, relaxation, and pretty much just all around goodness. It's been a really busy month and I hate that I haven't posted anything of real value. But that is all going to change. I have a new lipstick post coming, and I have finally decided to show you my little battle station. I am quite proud of it and really excited to finally show you where the magic happens no not that kind of magic silly. So without too much of the usual rambling, lets dive into the meat of this post.

Skater Skirt
Skater skirts, circle skirts, high waisted skirts. Whatever you want to call 'em, I love 'em. I picked these two up from Target and I have been wearing them non-stop. It has thankfully been really warm here in good ole Canada (well at least where I live) and so having something cute and easy to wear like a crop top and skirt has been a true blessing. I also love these fun patterns, perfect for summer!


Oh my. Lana Del Rey is my love. I've always been a fan of old bluesy artists, and when I started listening to Lana about a year ago I just fell in love instantly. I just got her new album today, but I am already obsessed. Ultraviolence (and all Lana songs for that matter) require you to really sit down and just focus on the songs. So far I am loving Sad Girl, Old Money and The Other Woman. Lana co-wrote every song on the album except for The Other Woman, and she is just so talented. Definitely worth a listen!

Forever 21 Earrings

I went to a new outlet mall with my Grandma last weekend and decided to stop into Forever 21, which is never a good decision for my wallet. But thankfully I was able to show some restraint and only purchased these earrings and a new hairbrush. I love these earrings because they dress up any look. I love having cute earrings in the summer because my hair is pretty much always up in a bun from the humidity and I want it to look like I at least tried to look put together.

Forever 21

So, I have a purse obsession. It is what it is. I have been trying to limit my collection and I've been doing really good at re-using the bags I already have instead of buying new ones all the time. But when I saw this one on the Forever 21 website I knew I just had to have it. I love the pastel grey and the subtle detailing. It's also the perfect size, it fits everything I need but makes it hard to collect all that junk!

Tim Hortons Birthday Cake

Did you think I was going to make it through this post without a baked good??? These Birthday Cake TimBits from Tim Hortons are To. Die. For. I mean it. I know I have a Birthday Cake obsession, but these are too good to be true. If you're a Canadian or a lucky American who lives close to the border go out and try these babies!!

Lana del Rey Sunglasses

I call these my Lana Del Rey sunglasses. I don't really know why. I just think they are something she would wear! I love the flowers that go all the way across and the deep purple of the lenses do a really good job of keeping the sun at bay. I purchased these from PacSun a few months back before my road trip to Florida! I have blue eyes and they cry at the sight of the sun, so a good pair of sunglasses are always needed. If you ever see me wearing sunglasses and it's cloudy out, do not judge me. Even low UV rays make me squint. Do any other fellow blue eyed babes have this problem!?


Lastly, we have this adorable little notebook that I picked up at Marshall's for a few dollars. I thought the "You were born to sparkle" was so cute and made me think of Sprinkle of Glitter and I just couldn't resist. I am always needing something to track down my thoughts or notes or lists, and this fits perfectly in all of my bags!

What have you been loving this month that is non-beauty related??? Feel free to let me know in the comments or leave me your blog links so I can check it out! 



  1. These are some greeeat favourites!! I actually love everything!! Those earrings are amazing tho... the accessories section in Forever 21 does weird things to me, I find it really overwhelming and just can't decide on anything haha xxx

    1. Thanks love!! I am exactly the same! I had like a hundred things in my hands but then decided against most of them as things have gotten a bit more expensive!


  2. OMG i've always wanted to try the birthday cake donuts/timbits. everywhere I went were sold out :(

    some of my non beauty favourites in June is this new Japanese restaurant that opened near my area (im big foodie) and strawberries. I usually go strawberry picking with my family every june and i get buckets full!

    Ellie xo.

    1. Ohmygoodness that is terrible :( They are so amazing, it is a real struggle not to go and get them everyday!

      I am such a big foodie too and I love strawberries, they are my favourite fruit hands down. I used to live on a farm and my favourite part was being able to grow and eat them straight from the garden!